Founded in 1952 by Cavaliere Pietro Ferraro, we were born as a small artisan company producing egg pasta and durum wheat semolina pasta.

Our production plant is located between the magnificent hills of the Venetian pre-Alps between Asolo and Bassano del Grappa.
Places where history, artisan tradition and innovation meet.

Our priority is to provide our consumers with a product that lives up to expectations and is absolutely safe. We select the best products for taste and organoleptic properties, and we work seriously in constantly controlled environments.



Pastificio Montegrappa was founded as an artisan laboratory, forged by the passion for pasta held by its founder, Cavalier Pietro Ferraro. Soon after came the production of egg pasta and durum wheat semolina pasta in a range of forms.


Thanks to the commercial development, the dedication of all the members of the founding family and the investments that have always been aimed at technological evolution and transformation, over the years it has specialized first in the production of lasagna sheets and then in various formats of tagliatelle in their typical folded shape.


Industria Alimentare Ferraro became one of the first companies in the food sector to achieve ISO 9002 certification.


The company specializes in the production of different types of filled pasta and ready-made first courses.


Pasta Montegrappa moves to Mussolente, combining the two production plants into a single innovative headquarters, consisting of 10 different production lines. It creates an innovative hub, with high production capacity, with modern and efficient production and environmental technologies but at the same time still strongly rooted, above all and in particular due to the high presence of the local workforce.


Have joined a project in the food sector sponsored by an “equity fund”, the company begins a process of corporate and managerial strengthening with the integration of an additional production plant located in the province of Treviso. Today the company can counts on thirteen production lines divided between the various types of product and about 150 employees between production and offices.


Pasta Montegrappa is a brand of Industria Alimentare Ferraro, which has been in the production of dry pasta, filled pasta, fresh pasta and ready-made first courses for 70 years.
13 production lines, 250 collaborators, 2 factories and an R&D team to create your perfect product.